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About the devlopment category [devlopment] (1)
TruDesk Xmas Wishlist [devlopment] (2)
Possiblity to change blinking colors of overdue ticket [feature] (3)
Reply Email to be added as thread [feature] (1)
How can test api in postman [devlopment] (4)
[WIP] Upcoming Permission Update [devlopment] (2)
It's Time to React [devlopment] (1)
Allow dynamic fields [feature] (1)
[BETA] Email Notification Templates [devlopment] (2)
HTTPS configuration via env variables [feature] (3)
Ticket Watchers [feature] (6)
Importing / syncing existing asset inventory in ticketing field [feature] (2)
Date format option [feature] (4)
Allow 2 character tags [feature] (5)
Android / iOS Mobile App [devlopment] (4)
User Breakdown Report - Assigned [feature] (2)
Agent System Redesign [devlopment] (4)
Trudesk v1.1 - Roadmap [roadmap] (7)
URL to Ticket in Email Notification [feature] (2)
Ticket Subtasks [feature] (1)
Customize Email Template [feature] (1)
Allow Custom Status [feature] (1)