All agents receiving email notifications

hi @polonel since updating to v1.0.14 all agents are getting email notifications when a ticket is created/updated regardless if they are assigned or not. Can you advise ASAP how to resolve since we’ve had to disable email notifications for now.

This was a change with teams and departments. Every member of a department gets the notification. It was a bug in 1.0.13 that was stopping all my from being sent out is why you didn’t notice it in 1.0.13.

There will be a notification setting that a user can opt out of receiving notifications.

Thanks @polonel when will that setting be available? will it opt them out of all notifications? How can we get it back to just notifying on the tickets that the user is associated with?

@ravz85 It has always sent out an email to every user that was in the Send Mail To list on a per group basis. If the user was in that list then it would email them based on ticket actions.

ie: Ticket Created - Email every user in the send mail to list for the group assigned to the ticket.

sure that’s on the group basis, but we don’t have anyone in those send mail to lists
we just dont want everyone in department getting notifications for ticket X, only the user assigned, user created, and users subscribed/watching

@ravz85 So who should receive the notification via email on ticket creation? There is no subscribers and assignees at this point?

@polonel just the creator would get notified

Why would they need to be notified of the ticket they just put in? They clearly are aware they just put the ticket in? It’s everyone else that isn’t aware.

because we have automated ticket creation via API

I will have to figure out a solution that works for everyone. I know many users that rely on the email from ticket creation and need it to send to every team member. Especially when it comes to server monitoring and ticket submission.

ex: server reports a critical error and submits a ticket for said error. All of T3 support must be notified through email, push, etc. when the ticket is created.

could you just make that an option which can be disabled?

Just following up on this one… any progress?
It would be great to have the ability to have email notifications sent just to the assignee of a ticket, and anyone else who has subscribed to that ticket.