How to create tickets automatically when an email is sent to particular email


I have had a look in Freshdesk, Zendesk etc., and curious to know whether the same feature is also available in Trudesk also.

If we give the users an email like, if the users send email to that email. Can it be converted into tickets?

Please advise.

Yes its called Mail Check. Its in settings.

Hello Polonel,

Can you please let me know how to stop above auto create ticket from other domain emails.

I just want to create only few my domains able to create ticket.

One more thing. If any my customers open & create ticket and get ticket information on there email id. If they response from email ID ticket status need to change. Like ticket is closed and customer response from same email tried then need to change ticket status reopen/open.

Please advise.

Turn off “Create Account” in mail check settings. Then manually create an account for each user you wish to accept tickets from. (email address must match the from email address). Any emails that do not match a user’s email address will be dropped and not processed.

Hello Chris,

I have already done setting as you suggested above. Turn off “Create account” in mail check setting. But it’s still the same issues. Auto create ticket and send user information on that email ID.

But Let me wait 1 more day to confirm issues continues or not.


I have tried both with “Create Account” on and off. It doesn’t seem to create a new issue when an email arrives in the inbox.

It logs it as if it has checked:
5/28 12:51:10 [8703] - debug: MailCheck: Nothing to Fetch.

Are there other settings I may be missing?

If you log into the email account, does the email arrive in the inbox? (not spam or any other folder)
Does the email get marked as READ?

Yes it is in the inbox right now, unread. It is a gmail account, I am not sure if that causes an issue. It seems to be accessing it as there is no error thrown in the logs. The account is set to allow insecure apps.

It is good to know it expects it unread. I will continue hacking away at it. Any other details that should be on the email?

I am getting

5/28 14:10:49 [16383] - debug: Processing 2 Mail
5/28 14:13:03 [16383] - debug: Processing 1 Mail

Now, but still isn’t adding the issue.

I also went and enabled both Allow Public Tickets and Allow Agents to Submit Tickets on Behalf of User to see if that would have an effect. Doesn’t seem like it.

I have tried multiple different “Mailer Check” email account along with multiple different sending accounts and only sometimes is an issue created. I can’t figure out the pattern either. It is able to create a new “User”. I have tried plain text and html, no difference. Randomly creating an issue but very rarely.

I tried adding this :‘gets imap on end’)

inside the function:
mailCheck.Imap.on(‘end’, function () {

It only gets there when an issue is created. Even when it says this:
5/29 09:47:13 [30242] - debug: Processing 1 Mail

Sometimes it doesnt get into the mailCheck.Imap.on(‘end’, function () {}