Android / iOS Mobile App


Hello Everyone :wave:

The trudesk iOS app has been in review by Apple for 45+ days. I have requested a status update of the review process but haven’t heard back as of yet. (11-10-2018)

The iOS app is now on the app store.

The android app is on the Play Store for beta testing. The link below will allow you to install the app and provide feedback.

Google Play Store - Trudesk

Thanks and looking forward to the feedback.



Great app, tried it on iPhone connecting to demo, work very fast and layout is great. If I may it would be great to add the possibility to add attachment (picture) when creating a ticket in the app same way you can on the web app.

Also do you think you will release the code for the app or create a whitelabel version ?

Thanks .



how to connect a demo server?


You would enter the server details. For the demo server:

Username:   demo.user
Password:   password