Announcement: Trudesk v1.0.12 Release

Hello everyone :wave:
Iโ€™m happy to announce the release of Trudesk v1.0.12 :clap:

:information_source: Current version must be v1.0.10+ in order to update

Trudesk v1.0.12 (2019-05-10)


  • Teams - Support Teams
  • Departments - Support Departments
  • Elasticsearch - Beta feature for ticket search

What will happen during the upgrade?

Make sure you have a current Trudesk backup. In the event, the update fails you can revert trudesk versions and restore the trudesk backup

During startup after upgrading, trudesk will scan all accounts with the Admin and Agent flag enabled. Make sure these permissions are set currently on your current roles. The migration will remove these users from customer groups and put them in a default Support Team, tied to a default Support Department with access to all current and future groups.

How Teams and Departments work.

Support Agents are assigned to Teams as you see fit. These teams will get assigned to Departments which will grant access to customer groups.


Elasticsearch is a bit tricky to setup right now.

  • Enable Elasticsearch
  • Configure your server settings
  • Click Apply. (It will error)
  • Restart server pm2 restart trudesk
  • Refresh page after server restart
  • Click Rebuild and the index will start to sync
  • Once sync it should stay in sync and work on the tickets view.

Bug Fixes

  • accounts: crash if user had deleted tickets and was removed (ce376b4)
  • accounts: editing admin/agent (8a973c7)
  • accounts: issue not showing upload dialog (38a4c85)
  • accounts: passwords not updating (c28d1ad)
  • api: v1 crash if ticket _id was incorrect (eea4d20)
  • api: v1 for group changes (3d12667)
  • api: v2 removed ability to delete group if group had tickets (35dbef8)
  • apiv1: invalid response if group was not sent as obj #175 (ee223ff)
  • backup: mongodb binaries for mongodb 4 windows #138 (052d6da)
  • defaults: loading incorrectly (f4c2841)
  • editor: missing routes (2946d07)
  • elasticsearch: crash on rebuild (bc0728b)
  • install: crash if mongodb failed to connect (76036b9)
  • install: invalid role name #179 (643703e)
  • mailcheck: TLS not being set correctly (40627d0)
  • mailcheck: typo (e5e387d)
  • permissions: role hierarchy not allowing ticket status updates (51029b6)
  • profile: removing user from all groups on profile save (1e9accd)
  • test: crash if missing config token object (ac3fe81)
  • test: fixed (e419f81)
  • test: updates (969d3f2)
  • tickets: attachments loader not initializing (bd949b7)
  • tickets: dropdown arrow not showing with certain themes (b839551)
  • tickets: sort icon color - themes (9fbb391)
  • tickets: xss fixes (99c02fb)
  • ui: bug with firefox displaying table incorrectly (6967e74)

Performance Improvements

All deployment methods have been updated.

Updating from source

  1. Log into the console
  2. cd /etc/trudesk or directory of trudesk installation
  3. git pull
  4. git checkout v1.0.12
  5. yarn install
  6. pm2 restart trudesk

Note: A hard reset may be required if you modified files before. If so run git reset --hard

Note: Running yarn run build is no longer required. Build files are included in tagged releases

Docker Deployments

Switch the docker image tag to 1.0.12. Note: If youโ€™re on tag latest, 1.0, or 1 just re-pulled the image.