Announcement: Trudesk v1.0.3 Release

Hello Everyone,
I’m happy to announce the release of Trudesk v1.0.3 :clap:

This is a minor feature release with a few bug fixes.

Trudesk v1.0.3 (2018-12-03)


  • Customizable Logo: A custom logo is configurable via Settings -> Appearance.
  • Customizable Color Scheme: A custom color scheme is configurable via Settings -> Appearance.

    Trudesk has the following built-in color schemes
    – Light (default)
    – Dark
    – Blue Jean
    – Midnight
    – Moonlight
    – Purple Rain
    – Sandstone
    – Winter’s Fire

Bug Fixes

  • accounts: crash if user was deleted with active conversations #109 (6ea0ad4)
  • assets: security fix (b081965)
  • install: server crash due to invalid middleware (88367d9)
  • mobile: secure assets not loading (dca823e)
  • reports: unable to download reports #106 (a2cdb7f)
  • sass: not compiling for install server (e0f744d)
  • static: file access path (568c343)
  • style: disabled classes applied incorrectly (884519c)
  • style: incorrect border style (5edfb0f)
  • styles: incorrect styles (ae0d82f)
  • tickettype: crash when deleting ticket type #113 (dc4d335)


All deployment methods have been updated.

Updating from source & appliance update

  1. Log into the console
  2. cd /etc/trudesk/ or directory of trudesk installation
  3. git pull
  4. git checkout v1.0.3
  5. rm -rf node_modules && yarn install
  6. yarn run build
  7. pm2 restart trudesk

Note: A hard reset maybe required if you modified files before. If so run git reset --hard

Docker Deployments

Switch the docker image tag to 1.0.3. Note: If you’re on tag latest, 1.0, or 1 just re-pull the image.