Announcement: Trudesk v1.0.7 Release

Hello everyone :wave:
I’m happy to announce the release of Trudesk v1.0.7 :clap:

:information_source: Current version must be at v1.0.6 in order to update


Trudesk v1.0.7 (2019-03-12)


Bug Fixes

  • accounts: missing account creation modal #152 (b2cbbda)
  • app: app.js for universal config (a318545)
  • app: callback failed if mailcheck was enabled (1520ad5)
  • build: incorrect import dep (a180497)
  • chat: removed self from online user list (de3a596)
  • component: easymde handle defaultValue (b33eb44)
  • components: button display incorrectly when width is set (1693421)
  • debug: populate db with new role permissions (2bc5ca6)
  • docker: env var (ffe26b4)
  • docker: universal config (a338f3a)
  • docker: universal config (35acf04)
  • images: profile images not displaying in new email templats (e89f2f8)
  • install: crash (4199e03)
  • migration: crash if certain role types didn’t exist (39dfaa2)
  • mobile: loading issue (54c2cdd)
  • mobile: mobile was showing blank view (b8b6e3e)
  • notifications: issue with push notification during ticket creation (77dac9a)
  • permissions: default user role unable to login correctly #153 (1b1cec1)
  • permissions: disabled accounts showing in assignee list (ebe6504)
  • permissions: groups nav incorrectly showing (65d8fe9)
  • permissions: incorrect permissions on edit ticket (4a75aed)
  • permissions: missing add comment button (c512b8d)
  • permissions: roles allowed to edit ticket after socket update (1f529f8)
  • package.json to reduce vulnerabilities (025136c)
  • react: multiple renders (1a9cb7b)
  • sidebar: incorrect style on active item (df338b6)
  • sidebar: overlapping page content #151 (20235f7)
  • test: updates for role permissions (7a0479d)
  • ticket: editing subject disappearing (53e62d7)
  • ui: bug displaying view all notifications (61e4bca)
  • ui: grid not resizing correctly (235c960)

Performance Improvements

  • code: cleanup (362c4f3)
  • restore: flushRoles on successful restore (7b44537)

All deployment methods have been updated.

Updating from source

  1. Log into the console
  2. cd /etc/trudesk or directory of trudesk installation
  3. git pull
  4. git checkout v1.0.7
  5. yarn install
  6. pm2 restart trudesk

Note: A hard reset may be required if you modified files before. If so run git reset --hard

Note: Running yarn run build is no longer required. Build files are included in tagged releases

Docker Deployments

Switch the docker image tag to 1.0.7. Note: If you’re on tag latest, 1.0, or 1 just re-pulled the image.

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