Cant find the .env file

Hello ,
Just came across true desk and its a good solution. I have tried to go through the source but i can’t find the config.json file. Can someone provide me with a sample one

The config.json file is automatically generated when completing the Install wizard.

Did you complete the install wizard?

oK, I realised that after checking the codebase, but im now stack with this error when i ran grunt :events.js:174
throw er; // Unhandled ‘error’ event

Error: Please upgrade to v1.0.7 Exiting…
at /home/devgwiji/trudesk-1.0.15/src/mi,

Im running it locally from ubuntu 18

The error is pretty clear. Please upgrade to v1.0.7

Your database hasn’t been upgraded to use anything past version 1.0.7

@polonel, By chance i managed resolving it last time. Unfortnately im stuck with that error again. How do i update the database …