Customer / Department based dashboard view and other small requirements

Good Day,

Have just installed Trusdesk (Docker-based 1.0.14) docker version. It would be
great if it is incorporated with the below features:
1. Live Dashboard:
We notice dashboard is getting updated every one hour. is there a possibility that it can be made as Live dashboard or Setting Auto refresh feature when a ticket is getting generated

2. Customer-based / Department Based Dashboard:
We have set 2 departments in our structure, where Agents dashboard is common for all departments. This dashboard looks to be confusing for Agents associated with only Department 1.

3. Email based tagging
We are raising tickets through email via EMAIL check feature. Currently, there is no option for setting up ticket tagging via email tickets. If you could suggest alternatives it would be great.

@polonel Request your views

Thanks for the suggestions. At this time I’m currently rewriting most of the core systems for performance enhancements. I will look into implementing these features when I get through with the upgrades.

Also pull requests are always welcome. :smile: