Empty Reports with new Date Format


since the previous date format change, we’ve only just realised that all reports get generated with headers only (no content)


Can you post your formats. I believe I saw in one of your screen shots you have a time in the longdate. Which was originally the setting on develop before I pushed to master. Now time is it’s own format and I concat the 2.

I did test report generation before I released. But if you can post your formats I can test again for sure.


I do see a UI bug with the date format.

Workaround is to delete the date out of the text field, refocus text field, and select date with calendar.

I did confirm the report was not empty with my selected date range.


here are our time and date formats


i removed the time from long date format, but still the same issue


I have confirmed this issue does occur with this format.

Working on a fix.


Fix has been pushed to develop.
Will include in 1.0.6


works now, thanks