HTTPS configuration via env variables

i can get HTTPS to work by modifying my local webserver.js but it would be cleaner if this could be environment variables passed in and i dont have to retain my own custom code

How are you serving the certificate? Through express? Usually you would setup something like NGINX to proxy the request through to trudesk. So your https and certs would be served via NGINX. I have clients that use a cloud provider Loadbalancer, where trudesk is running in multiple nodes and the Loadbalancer, serves the HTTPS port and certificate. This would prevent having to modify any of the trudesk core on serving the port and cert.

Here is an example of proxy port 80 to port 8118 with nginx. The same concept is done with serving port 443 and certs from nginx and proxy to port 8118.

Trudesk - Nginx Reverse Proxy

OK, i was just running it directly through express but I’ll try put nginx in front