Importing / syncing existing asset inventory in ticketing field


We have an existing monitoring system, which monitors our device performance. For ticketing needs, we are planning to integrate it with trudesk. To attach trudesk with our monitoring system, we require a custom field in ticketing ( i.e. System Id, Subsystem id ).

** Do you have any roadmap for this ??

We are trying to understand trudesk more to customize it further for our business needs. During our initial evaluation of trudesk (0.9), we saw an import plugin option and now it seems missing.


Custom fields on the Ticket objects is on the roadmap. I do not have a eta on when it will get implemented as I’m currently rewriting the entire agent system.

What you saw in the 0.9 beta was testing plugins. Plugins are still built into the system, they have been disabled until I can get a library of plugins available and expand on their functionality a little. Currently the only plugin I had for testing was an IP Address Management Plugin.