In development how to make changes into css


I just need to know how to save changes in css files (even if I restart the server) please? Because after a ‘pm2 restart trudesk’, all changes made disappear in all css files.

I don’t know if it’s because of grunt or something else and I can’t figured it.


CSS is dynamically generated from Sass files.

I suggest forking the project if you’re making your own changes. It will be overwritten each update.

Thanks for your answer.

Sorry to be a dummy but how to do it, please?


Click the fork button on github. image

Thank you.

Well now I understood how to fork trudesk source code.

I have done the following steps :

  1. Creation of a new repository at (this is my own repository)

I didn’t initialize it with a README, .gitignore, or license.

  1. Clone the other repository to my local machine.

git clone

  1. Rename the local repository’s current ‘origin’ to ‘upstream’.

git remote rename origin upstream

  1. Give the local repository an ‘origin’ that points to my repository.

git remote add origin

  1. Push the local repository to my repository on github.

git push origin master

Is it the same thing as ‘forking’?

Then I have made some changes on my ubuntu 16.04 on Sublime Text but when I changed something on ‘app.min.css’ and restart the server all changes disappeared. As you said it must be because of sass generation. But if I forked your project it will always be overwriten on each update?

Is it in ‘app.min.css’ where I have to save my changes for css, please? I think this is the final generated file but I don’t know exactly where I must change code for styling the project…