Is the project dead/stagnant?

Hey all. Been looking into the project more and more and I am noticing that there does not seem to be much in the way of development work recently along with not much activity on the forums.

I am wondering if the project has reached the end of the road maybe?
I am not looking to cause any issue just trying to find out where the project stands exactly.

Many thanks



I wouldn’t say the project is dead. Focus shifted to the hosted cloud environment back in April of 2020. Then due to COVID much of the development halted in July on both platforms due to my workload at my day job. As of right now, it is hard to tell when development will pick back up. The current branch on development has been stable for some time. With the exception of a few feature requests that haven’t made it to Master.

Trudesk has always been a project I work on in my free time, and as of right now I haven’t had any.
I do plan to return to the project when my day job levels out from the measures that went into place for COVID.

As always it is Open Source so I am always willing to merge pull requests over if anyone did contribute to the codebase.

Hope this clarifies the current state of the project.