It's Time to React


Just an update –

While working on the permissions systems I started to run into limitations with angular 1.4.7. These limitations were not in the new version of angular. The project has already begun converting its entire front-end to React, dropping angular completely.

I’m focusing on getting the UI converted to React so I can finish the implementation of the permission system.

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NOOOO! come on don’t go to React.

Hey @polonel,

If you change the app into react, how will our customised production systems will be able to inhabitat the new revamp?

Please share the steps to follow!

It won’t. You would have to redo your customization because when you update the code will overwrite. I cannot support customized works.

What types of things are you changing? What type of customization are you making?

Hi @polonel,

Thanks for the response. I understand you cannot support customized works. Just wanted to check whether I can be able to update it in the go.

The changes would be, changing the logo. Adding 2 new screens from different domains and all.

Do you have a date for the release of React version?

And can you suggest me a good version to clone the repo? So that I won’t be facing any package deprecated issue at lease for an year?

Thanks in advance.


Customizing the logo is already built into the app. You can customized the logo with the built in options in the appearance tab.

React has been being implemented into the project since Janurary. Its already there. Its already deployed.

I’m not sure what you mean by a good version to clone. What package are you talking about could be deprecated in an year? Trudesk runs in its state that you clone it with locked in versions from npm. You can clone v1.0.13 - 3 years from now and it will run in the same state it does today.

Hi @polonel,

Thanks for the reply. Good version in the sense, a stable version. Oh, that’s great that react is implemented.

The package I meant is, whenever I use boilerplate projects, some of the npm dependencies might get deprecated and throw error as it is unsupported. So, I would not want that to happen here. Hence asked

Hello Polonel,

I’m actually learning React for designing user interfaces. I think it’s great that you are implementing it for Trudesk UI and it seems that allot of company’s are adopting React for building user interfaces into there applications. Question, when will Trudesk officially release the React version and does Trudesk offer support outside of community forms. I work for a company that could be interested, they currently don’t have a ticketing system and may need additional support via email or phone.