Mail not synchronising

Trudesk v1.0.5
CentOs 7.6

I have mailer pointing to Office365 which is working but the incident tickets are only appearing when I restart trudesk.

Log is showing the mails are being read

1/18 19:20:20 [8797] - ‘[[34mdebug’[[39m: Processed 2 Mail > Ticket

Mail server is showing the incoming mails as being read but no new tickets are raised.

Any ideas?

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Trudesk polls the IMAP server every 10 minutes. This will be configurable to a desired interval in the next release.

I am able to see the poling interval of 10 minutes. After a restart of trudesk the mails are synced OK for the first interval. Further checks see the logs updating with “Processed x mail > Ticket” but no new tickets are actually raised.

There are a couple of things to note here:

  • If Create Account is not enabled under MailCheck settings, the from address must match a trudesk user email address. If it is enabled, an account will get created for the user with the from address as the username.
  • If for any reason the parser fails to parse the body of the email, it will mark the email as read and drop processing it. (I do not see this as the case if the first interval is processing the mail)

There were some event leaks prior to v1.0.5, some of these changes may cause the issues you’re experiencing. I will try to reproduce tonight and push a fix if need be.

I have confirmed it is working correctly with an on-premise exchange server and zoho mail. What mail provider are you using, so I can test with that as well?

Resolved. Not sure of the exact remedy but we rebuilt on a new AWS instance and we can now sync emails.

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hi i am facing the same issue on Raspberry PI3, Nodejs v10.15.3
I ve debuged the
and discovered that
129 …mailCheck.Imap.on(‘end’, function () …
203 f.on(‘end’, function () {

are never called.

So with this patch it s ok now :

i replaced the line 197 : mailCheck.messages.push(message)


if (_.size(results) === mailCheck.messages.length){

kind regards

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it s possible you get also this kind of error :
TCP.onStreamRead (internal/stream_base_commons.js:94:17), code=DEPTH_ZERO_SELF_SIGNED_CERT,

because your imap server use a self signed cert

There is a lot of discussion about this solution, but for me it s ok :
insert after line 30 mailCheck.inbox = []

and restart the trudesk service

kind regards

I am having an issue on postfix, where the e-mail comes in gets deleted by TD log message shows up that it created a ticket ( it did not create a ticket ) and it also did not create an account even though it is configured to do so.

Need to make sure the account you’re logged into has access to public tickets.

Trudesk is crashing while parsing mail content for creating tickets. Attaching snapshot for your reference

Hotmail IMAP (office365) configuration is used for mail check. Incoming Email address is already mapped to an Agent.
-> It checks fmand detects an email
-> Deleted it from server
-> sudden exception while parsing
-> trudesk restarts

This is a fresh installation using the install script on a ubuntu 18.04

Pointers here would be helpful.