More than 1 IMAP email?

Hi, your development on this project is amazing and the installation on ubuntu is super quick and easy.

I did a quick demo in a vm and would like to know does trudesk have on roadmap or plans to support inbound checking more than one email alias?

I have sales, service, and billing email addresses that I would want separately tagged, auto reply confirmation receipt email with different custom messages, and later when I hire someone it’d be nice to assign different helpdesk tagged department to different user and control permissions which email aliases and dept they can work on.

Do you anticipate supporting multiple inbound and outbound email channels?

Thank you!

Right now its not possible. I moved to it to a feature request, and I’ll look at implementing it during the Mail System revamp.

Hey awesome dude, thank you for an awesome system! What are you considering to do in the mail system revamp and when do you target it? Also, where do I see your roadmap?