New Customer Account Creation Error on v1.2.3

After upgrading to v1.2.3, I got an error when creating a new customer account. This only happens if I assign a group to a new user (Customer) during account creation, error does not seem to occur when I did not assign group to a new user. And there are no problems with Admin and Agent account creation.

Then if I try to click the Create Account button again, it shows duplicate key error. I can confirm that after closing the New Account menu and refreshing the page, the new user has already created.

Before upgrading, I was using v1.1.11 and never had this problem before. Also, I tried v1.2.4 and it shows the same behavior.

Can you report this same bug on Github?

Sure Chris. It looks like you prefer Github for issues submission? So for other unsolved topic and more issues, I should just report to Github?

@ricky Yes for bug reports please report directly on Github so I can link the issues on my commit messages for better tracking of fixes. :slight_smile:

@polonel Thanks! I have submitted and commented on several issues in Github, kindly check them.