Possible for agents to set ticket status?

Hoping this isn’t a duplicate, but in our current set up we have agents that are required to close or set the status of tickets themselves. Despite the fact that ticket:update permission is set in the permissions settings, agents are unable to set the status unless I set the permission " Is this role defined as an admin role?" enabled for the Support user group. Is there any way around this? Ideally, I want agents to be able to close tickets, but don’t want them to have admin permissions.

Thanks in advance

Its a hierarchy. Was the ticket created by an admin? If so the agent role is defined under the Admin role which doesn’t allow them to edit tickets created by users with a higher role.

You can simply drag the support role above the admin role and it will allow the support role to update all tickets created by any role below. The admin role will still have access to admin features as well because they are marked as administrator.

I’ve tried re-arranging the Support role above the admin role, but it still doesn’t seem to allow Support Agents to change ticket status. Wondering if this is maybe a bug?

EDIT: it does, however, work if I give Support Agent role admin power.

I’ll look into it and report back as soon as I can.

Any luck? Sorry to bump but its very NB we get this system running in a testing environment as soon as possible to evaluate its possible long-term use in production.

Hello there,

sorry for the duplicate, I didn’t scroll down far enough to find this post but I think the thread I’ve opened there is the same issue that the one mentionned here!

@jaime.fouche Did you find a solution by any chance?

Thanks and have a nice day!