How to set assignee without admin role

Thanks for this wonderful software that is TruDesk!
I was wondering if it was possible to let Support Agent define assignee by themself when opening a ticket on behalf of an user?

I have actually 3 “Permissions groups” as described below:
Admin - Admin role (Hierarchy disabled)
Support - Support Agent role (Hierarchy enabled)

When someone from the Support Agent role open a ticket on behalf of an user he can’t set the assignee.
Playing with the settings I found that it seems the only solution is to give the Admin Role to the “Support” permissions group.
What am I missing/doing wrong or is this corrrect behaviour?

Thanks in advance for your support and have a nice day!

nevermind, if anyone was looking for an answer it seems that it is still under development after reading this thread.

I thought this was fixed a while ago. I will do some additional testing as somewhere down the refactor it could have bugged again.

I Installed self hosted Trudesk version 1.2.3 few days ago and I think this bug is not yet resolved. :frowning:

If the ticket was submitted by an Admin then this is actually performing as intended. The permissions act as a hierarchy and if the Admin role is above the support role, it doesn’t allow the support role to edit the admin’s ticket.

I would consider this a flaw by design and will try to alter it to allow the “agent” to edit tickets created by other agents/admins.