Push Notifications

When I click the link to set up push notifications I get an error saying Topology Destroyed. Any help with this?

I am having this same issue. Did you manage to get your issues resolved?

I did not. It is something we really need working before we move from testing TruDesk to actually using it.

If you find a solution, please let me know.

I have resolved the issue.

Thank you. I have been able to register but still can not login on the Android app.

I can get to the create account screen, but cannot get it to connect to my TruDesk server. It asks for hostname. I am puting in the external IP as it is not DNS’d yet, since we are just in the preliminary testing stages of TruDesk. Do I have to have it DNS’s or will the IP work? Also, is there any certain port I have to have open for the API? I have 80, 443, and 8118 open right now.