Push Service - Signup Error


I try to register here for push service:

But when I submit the form this error pops up:
Unable to communicate with Trudesk server. Verify Hostname.

Is there a specific port which needs to be opened ?



Are you running on a non standard port? (443,80)

Its on port 80 only till I get SSL ready. But its hosted behind a home router and second wifi router and then VirtualBox in bridge mode. However TruDesk can be reached via URL from the outside world without issues.

I have “somewhat” fixed this issue. Right now the push verification only works with HTTP and not HTTPS. I had to disable HTTPS on push.trudesk.io

please use http://push.trudesk.io and make sure your server is accessible over port 80.

I will update the push server in the very near future (hopefully this weekend) to allow HTTPS.