[Question] In development how to automatically refresh .jsx pages

Hello there and first of all thanks for this incredible work.

In development, when I change code like a name of sidebar menu into jsx files, the result in browser doesn’t render my changes.

What must I do to make my. jsx files automatically change on the browser rendering, please?

I saw some examples of hot Babel on Google and I saw some of your with Babel but I don’t understand how to make it works with my project.

Thanks in advance.



Trudesk doesn’t support hot reloading right now because its not 100% react. It still relies some on angular as I’ve not fully migrated.

I will support hot reloading React Components once the angular is fully decommissioned.

Thanks for your answer.
Well no problem I will wait for this feature.
And what can I do to reload my changes for these jsx (or other) manually, please?



Ok, I think I found the way to auto reload my changes in files (even .jsx).
For watching changing in dev, just run :

npm run webpackwatch