Removing Ticket Types


If we delete a Ticket Type, what is the impact on the closed tickets that have that Type assigned? I am wanting to remove 2 ticket types, there is currently no tickets open with these types assigned, but there are closed ones.


Because the tickets are directly linked to the Ticket Type object in the database, it will force you to select a new type to assign the existing tickets to. It will remove the link to the type you’re deleting and will re-link those tickets to the type you select during removing. Once all tickets (of deleting type) have been re-linked to the new type, the deleting ticket type will be permanently removed from the database.

I realized this was a design flaw months ago, as there should’ve been a soft delete like whats implemented for deleting a ticket. There are plans to convert and implement the soft delete but some other modules have to convert first to support it.

Once the soft delete is implemented, the type will just get an archive/deleted state assigned to it preventing it from being show anywhere in the UI. The tickets assigned to the type will still show their link to the archived type but no new tickets can be assigned to said type.

With that being said depending on what you’re willing to accept for now you can delete them today and reassign those tickets during deletion to a new type, or hold for a bit until the soft delete is in place to retain their linkage once the type is archived/deleted.


got it - cheers, we’ll delete and reassign for now