Send email to multiple addressees


Is it possible to add the 2 following features, please?

  1. Send email to multiple addressees (adding a field to enter emails inside) when an user answer to a ticket and even creating a new one (in addition of the notification on the web interface),
  2. Add multiple attachments in the answer, please?


It can already do both of those things.

  1. When it sends an email it sends it to everyone in the SendMailTo list of the group as well as Team members for that ticket.
  2. You can attach as many attachments to a ticket as you wish. Both through file attachments and inline image attachments.

My bad.

It’s too awesome!

You’re right sorry and thanks for this work!!!


**Edit : **
I forgot to mention that I can’t drag/drop a pdf file for example. Is there a way to easily add an upload button, please? Or another way to attach pdf files?