Setup trudesk windows

Good afternoon. Installed on Windows according to the instructions, but when you start the browser can not connect to the database. When you start node, the following text appears:
$ node runner
[2018-12-21T11:55:50.535Z] PM2 log: Launching in no daemon mode
[2018-12-21T11:55:51.094Z] PM2 log: Starting execution sequence in -fork mode- for app name:trudesk id:0
[2018-12-21T11:55:51.342Z] PM2 log: App name:trudesk id:0 online

the parameters of the default: server localhost, port 27017, username trudesk, password hidden,database trudesk

Do you have MongoDB server installed on your windows machine? Did you configure MongoDB and setup the auth for Trudesk to connect to the database? The default values during install only work for the Ubuntu install script. You should review setting up a MongoDB Server on windows. I think you’re missing the database server.

Thanks, it worked