Ticket Watchers

for consideration: allow multiple users to be assigned to a ticket as watchers, they will receive all notifications about that ticket

Right now there is the Subscribe switch at the top of the tickets which will send all notifications to the user that subscribed.

To clarify, you’re suggesting that an agent can add these users to the subscribe list?

I see, that is useful but would be better if an administrator can subscribe others to the ticket

Yes. I can get this implemented.

Hi, is there a way to change it so everyone has subscribe set as default?

I’m not sure having everyone receive every email is a good idea to implement. Can you better describe what you’re looking for? You can email every user on ticket creation with its current implementation. Those users will not get updates without manually subscribing to the ticket though. I am in the process of implementing a manageable “watcher” list, where a support agent can add and remove users from that list.

Its current implementation will auto subscribe a user if he/she comments, updates, or gets assigned to the ticket.

Is the watcher list, you have mentioned in the post, implemented?
We would like to send mail alerts to all agents when an update or ticket is assigned. If the admin could add agents to the watcher’s list would be very helpful.

Hi Chris,

I am facing a similar predicament. The problem I am facing is that, initially all agents receive the email notifications, but all further email notifications for that ticket thread is restricted to the ticket owner and the person who has put in the comments. Ideally, it would have been a great feature to have wherein the ticket owner (upon logging new ticket) would have some kind of provision to choose the “Ticket Watchers”(which can be a list box having the departments, teams…etc), and that all updates (including the ticket status updates) happening for that ticket is notified (via email) to the ticket watchers.