Trudesk Community Launch


Trudesk Community Forum

An outlet for an insight into the project.

Why :question:

As trudesk started to grow and I received many emails on feature request and support request for common tasks, I needed a single outlet for the project. My goal is to provide answers to the common questions/requests.

I plan to give development updates that are currently being worked on and hopefully spark interest in community members joining the project.

Categories :label:

News & Announcements: Updates to the projects, releases, and notices.
Support: General support for supported versions.
Development: Pre-release project updates, planned roadmaps, feature request, current work-in-progress, etc.
Trudesk Cloud: Information and support regarding trudesk cloud platform.

Other Information

Currently (10/22/2018), I am the sole developer of this project. I urge anyone interested in contributing to the project to do so. If you have questions on diving into the code base, please post questions in the development category or join slack. The project has many planned features (some are half-implemented already) and the project could use the contribution in getting them implemented.
If development isn’t your thing; documentation is lacking and could use some focus as well.

Thanks for everyone’s support for the project! :hearts: