TruDesk Xmas Wishlist


having worked with a small team with TruDesk for some days I have some observations to share:

  1. First of all thanks for making TruDesk :slight_smile:

  2. Mobile app (Android) > search and edit of comments seems to be not available, but would be nice to have

  3. The mobile API token should be created by default to make admin life easier

  4. In Chrome on Windows: Full ticket text search seems to be not working, looks like only the first post of a ticket is indexed for search ? I have a comment with the word “jobs” in one ticket but on a search I cannot find the ticket where that word is in.

  5. From experience in ZenDesk with large teams I would recommend that we can freely set the background color for comment and internal note, in order to visually separate them. How often agents posted internal comments to the public … to have a clear background separation (red and green) helps to avoid this.

  6. To create groups of tickets based on tags is a killer feature, already on git here:

For now the main groups are Active/Assigned/Unassigned but we need the freedom to create our own groups based on tags. So tickets with cat tag would show in the Cat group, but if we add the pet tag to the same ticket it would also show in the Pet group, and all pet teams could work on that ticket, too (if they have cat skills).

  1. Theme bug: On the dark theme, which looks very nice, the ticket group selection dropdown shows a white background and white text.

  2. Theme bug: Accounts overview where you see all team members, section Groups at the bottom of the boxes, there is no spacing if an account belongs to multiple groups: AdministratorsInternal Team

Thats it so far :yum:


Thanks. These are all very good suggestions that I believe will make trudesk better.

  1. The mobile apps will get rewritten/redesigned using React Native, and this functionality can come along with it.
  2. Will get this added in the next patch release
  3. This is a limitations to the current search. I have already built a better search which does exactly this using ElasticSearch. It just hasn’t made it to mainstream yet.
  4. I don’t see this as very difficult to implement and can do it soon.
  5. This is still on my backlog of things to implement.
  6. Will get this adjusted in the next patch release
  7. Will get this adjusted in the next patch release

The issue is I’m hard at work at getting the Agent System and APIv2 implemented which will allow me to correct many mistakes made in the beginning of the project. Then I will be able to focus more on feature sets.

All of this is very helpful and I appreciate the feedback on needed features.

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