Upgrade from 1.0.14 to 1.2.9

Dear Team,
I’m new to trudesk. Installed a fresh ubuntu 16 LTS and installed the single line key and installed the 1.0.14 successfully. Since the version is old and has lot of bugs including the incoming emails, I wanted to upgrade to the latest patch.

Please help!


Make a backup of your trudesk instance using Settings>Backup.
Download the new codebase (git clone https://github.com/polonel/trudesk)
Run yarn build

Start trudesk as normal. It should automatically migrate the existing data to any database changes.

Another method would deploy a fresh instance on Ubuntu.
Set up a new database.
Once logged into the dashboard. Resore with Settings>Backup.

@polonel Hi i am using trudesk 1.1.10 and i am trying to upgrade
so i am entering to /etc/trudesk executing (git clone GitHub - polonel/trudesk: 🌱 Trudesk is an open-source help desk/ticketing solution.)
and then “yarn build” getting an error of missing node_modules
can you advise please.

the best way to upgrade this far behind is to create a backup and do a fresh install and then restore the backup database.