Where do I get the iOS App?

I realize it is not still in the app store, but is there someplace I download the app?

I am in the same place. I am unable to find the iOS app on Apple Store for Tru desk. Please advise.

Clearly Apple has pulled it from the store, but you would think there would be a way to compile it ourselves with the source or we could have access to download it and install it manually. Not sure why we can’t get an answer to this. If there is no possibility, please just let us know.

Apple removed the app from the store as it was an outdated ionic v1 app which Apple doesn’t allow anymore.

I haven’t had the time to rewrite the iOS app from scratch with something like react-native.
Every install of the open-source version should have a mobile view that would allow you to use the instance on a phone. (only downside is that push notifications would not exist)

I am in the process of decommissioning the old TPS Server as the app is no longer available.