Windows Setup Steps

If of interest I share here my setup steps to get TruDesk running in a plain clean Windows VirtualBox. These steps should work for Windows 10/2016/2019.

Main issue is Mailer with GMail as Node 11.xx seems to have a bug with SSL3 version, but that’s not a TruDesk bug. Quick workaround is to use hmailserver and use it as a bridge to forward to GMail.

It’s a bit of a fight to get all working …


Install Node
Test in cmd: node -v

Install MongoDB
Use NoSQLBooster to create database and user account for TruDesk Setup

Install Git
Test in cmd: git

Install Python 3.7.2 x64
Test in cmd: python

Install Yarn from Yarn website, not via npm
Test in cmd: yarn --version

CD to dir to setup TruDesk
git clone
cd trudesk
npm install

npm install -g yarn
yarn run build

npm install pm2 -g

This section is to fix issues with bcrypt:
npm install -g node-gyp
npm install --g --production windows-build-tools
npm install bcrypt

npm install node-sass

Fix any issues:
npm audit fix

node runner (Will be on port 8118)
node app.js --port=80