Trudesk v1.1 - Roadmap

Trudesk is always evolving. Here are a few items that are currently planned for the next release.

Upcoming Features

  • Elasticsearch
    – Enhance search features
  • Logo Customization :white_check_mark:
  • Theme Customization :white_check_mark:
    – Custom color schemes :white_check_mark:
  • Customer Portal - See Agent System Redesign
  • Custom Status
  • Custom Defined Permissions
  • Localization

Preview of new appearance color schemes. :paintbrush:

Optional loader

Color will match Accent Color


Preview of elasticsearch settings :mag:

excited about getting the customisation features, any ETA on this?

Very soon. The underline code base is there already, just needs testing with different styles (light, dark) to verify that all colors blend correctly. Its currently on the feature/customization develop branch for testing.

hi @polonel any update on v1.1 release date?

I’m finishing up some final touches on the customization and then will release that this weekend separate from the 1.1 release. It will become part of v1.0.3